Delivery of workers

Delivery of workers to the place of work is an issue that is extremely important for enterprises located far from the center. The services of the transport company “Easy Transfer” will help you solve this problem.

Advantages of the decision to entrust the transport your staff to the company ” Easy Transfer”

  • Extensive experience in passenger transportation. Transportation of workers by minibus, carried out by our drivers, is a guarantee of safe, comfortable and timely delivery of staff to the workplace.
  • The team of professional drivers with extensive experience of accident-free driving.
  • The ability to pick up a bus depending on the number of passengers transported, as well as the wishes for its comfort.
  • All vehicles available in the “Easy Transfer” fleet are undergoing scheduled maintenance. In addition, before each flight, buses are subject to mandatory technical inspection.
  • Reasonable price of services.

The transport company’s services will help you:

  • Save on maintaining your own fleet and staff of drivers, avoiding unnecessary time costs
  • Avoid the need to think through the route of transport and its schedule.
  • Do not worry about whether the staff will be able to come to work during the time.
  • Improve your rating as an employer.
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